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BOE Honors RDS 2020 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Anna Iwaszkowska! 

The Manchester Township Board of Education honored Regional Day School Teacher of the Year, Anna Iwaszkowska, at their November 2020 meeting. Mrs. Iwaszkowska is a teacher in the Multiple Disabilities program at Regional Day.

Introductory Remarks by Principal Lisa Michallis

Mr. Trethaway, Board of Education members, colleagues and guests, it is my honor to introduce the Regional Day School's Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Anna Iwaszkowska. This evening her husband, daughters, and her three grandsons have joined her as we honor her accomplishment. Anna graduated from the University of Warsaw, Poland with a bachelor and master of arts degrees in elementary education. She furthered her studies at Ocean County College, New Jersey City University and Georgian Court College, where she completed her coursework for teacher of the handicapped. For the past 20 years, the Regional Day School has been her home. Anna began her career as a paraprofessional and she has been a classroom teacher for the past four years. During her tenure, she has been educating students with the most diverse and significant disabilities. Anna is the epitome of grace, compassion and creativity. She may have a quiet voice but her heart speaks volumes.

Each child is treated as if they were her own. Her lessons and activities incorporate academics, communication, self-help, and valuable life skills. Most importantly, the classroom environment she fosters is one of respect, gratitude, mindfulness and genuine care for each other as well as the world around them. Anna has great pride for her family, our school and community. She has built a sensory garden at our school. She is involved in the Manchester community as a teacher at the Polish Language Academy. She volunteers her time as an Eucharistic Minister at Saint Luke's and, prior to COVID, she was visiting residents at a local nursing home. Anna, you have made a positive difference in the lives of so many children and continue to contribute to the success of our students and school. Thank you for all you do to support the Regional Day School family. Congratulations as our Teacher of the year and enjoy your new coveted parking spot.

Anna speaking at BOE meeting

Remarks by Anna Iwaszkowska 

Thank you so much. Good evening everybody. Thank you for such nice kind words. I promised myself I won't cry so I will try to keep my promise. First of all, I wanted to tell you that my biggest wish is to share this incredible amazing award with each of you because thanks to you, thanks to your help, support, believing in me, thanks to your guidance and suggestions, I'm here today. So this award belongs to all of us. 

I always believe in teamwork and by team I mean my incredible, wonderful colleagues and everybody who works in the Manchester district, because over the years I was able to meet the best staff ever. I've been learning for all those years a lot and, thanks to you, I can share my skills with my wonderful students, who inspire me every day, who motivate me every day, who teach me every day. So thank you my colleagues, my friends, my amazing paraprofessionals. I wouldn't survive one day without you. Thank you so much and I believe that some of you - and I mean the whole crew in Regional Day School and Manchester district, including bus drivers, custodians - you might not even realize how you impacted my life. When I came from Poland I'm not sure if everybody could understand me, I'm not sure if even that right now people can understand me, sometimes I still speak with a Polish accent, it will stay with me forever. But I really so appreciate your help.

So in my heart I treasure two countries. I love Poland, the country I was born in, and America, which I love and live in now. I speak two languages, I have two families, my family and group of friends in Poland and my family and friends in America and that's the biggest blessing in my life. So I try to put together the tradition of Poland and tradition of America and that gives me the wonderful opportunity to learn and to live the fullest more beautiful life. 

So I would like to end my speech again thanking everybody in English of course and then to honor you my American English speaking family let me say from the bottom of my heart thank you in my first language. (speaking in Polish) I am so happy today and many of God's blessings to each of you. Thank you so much I wish you health safety and happiness. Thank you.

Video of BOE Presentation

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