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Do you know about Mustang Joe's?!

Do you know about Mustang Joe's?!

Do you know about Mustang Joe's!? Each Thursday, the small group instructional classes at Manchester Township Middle School run a coffee and treat cart for the MTMS staff. Students operate The Mustang Joe's Coffee Cart as a small business and the staff looks forward to enjoying their weekly visit. 

mj group

First, orders are placed by staff starting 24 hours prior to delivery. This gives the small group instructional classes time to organize, prepare and fill the orders. Then on Thursday morning the classroom is buzzing with students who are busy freshly brewing hot and iced coffee, making lemonade and sun teas, as well as a whipping up their special "Room 102 Brew" which is a sun tea/lemonade mix.  No detail is left behind as the ice cubes are customized to the drink, the labels are personalized to the staff member who purchased, and the cart is themed! This week the cart celebrated the World Cup and holiday music played as the students made deliveries. 

mj prep

Lead by teachers Ms. Strange and Ms. Stinemire-Tordik as well as paraprofessionals Ms. DiMatteo and Ms. Maloney, each student has a job such as being the Greeter, Cashier, Delivery Specialist, Server and Barista.  This brings to them the opportunity to exercise their math, public speaking, socialization, culinary, life/skills, communication, teamwork and so much more. 

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Supplies for The Mustang Joe's Coffee Cart are provided to the students thanks to the generous donations made from community members through DonorsChoose. Funds raised by The Mustang Joe's Coffee Cart are used for more supplies, class trips, and more!  

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