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FAQs - Elementary Four-Day Schedule


When will the four-day schedule begin?

On Monday, March 1, 2021, students at MTES, Ridgeway and Whiting elementary schools will have the option to attend school on a 4-day in person learning schedule.

Can my child remain on the 2-day hybrid or remote-only schedule?


What days will students be in school?

The four in person days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will remain a remote only day at this time.

Will school hours change?

No, the school hours will remain on the same 5-hour schedule.

Will the kindergarten schedule change?

No. Kindergarten will remain on a five day, 2 ½ hour a day split schedule. Switching to a full day kindergarten schedule would make class sizes too large at this time.  

Will this affect students already on a 5-day schedule?


Can I switch my child from remote only to in person, or from in person to remote only?

We will be scheduling students based on the recent parent survey requests.  Please call your school office as soon as possible if you have not already notified the school.

Will bus transportation change?

We are finalizing our bus assignments to include transportation for additional students on the bus.  Parents will be notified of new bus assignments or any changes to existing assignments. As per the direction of the NJ Department of Education, students are required to wear masks on the buses and we will provide social distancing on our buses to the maximum extent practicable.  If parents are considering providing their own transportation for their children, we would ask that you communicate this information to either the building administration or the transportation department.  

How will you maintain safety protocols with larger classes?

We will continue to consider the NJ Department of Education and Ocean County Health Department guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.  With the additional students in each classroom, there may be situations where social distancing cannot be maintained.  Student desk dividers, which provide additional protection for both students and staff, will be provided in classrooms where social distancing is not possible.  It is also critical for students to continue to follow the proper guidelines on the wearing of masks. 

How will school lunches be handled?

In the elementary schools, lunches will be provided in the classrooms. In specific cases, classes may be moved to a larger area when necessary.  Lunch times will be shortened and our food service provider will offer lunches that are more compact and easily handled such as sandwiches.  If students are bringing lunch from home, please have food that is easily opened to ensure a shorter time period.   

Will the middle school and high school be offering a four-day schedule?

We are planning for this option at a future date.

What if I have questions?

Contact your school office with specific questions about your child’s schedule. 

For general questions or comments about the 4-day plan, please email the Superintendent at