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Important Information About Remote Learning Days

Additional Information about Remote Learning Days

Dear Parents and Students,

While schools were closed for all students on Monday, March 16, our entire staff reported to the schools for the final preparation of our remote learning days.  In my previous letter, I detailed some specific responsibilities for both students and staff for the upcoming weeks.  The teachers made plans to communicate with parents and/or students to establish how the instruction would take place until school reopens. If you or your child have not been contacted by your child’s teacher by Tuesday, March 17, either by Google Classroom, other teacher communication platforms or email, please contact the teacher through email or contact the main office.  

As I stated previously, the majority of our students will be able to access and complete these assignments online, however our staff has also prepared specific lessons and activities for students unable to receive this on-line instruction due to lack of internet access or devices or other specific needs. Most of these specific learning packets have already been picked up or distributed to students previously. If your child did not receive an instructional packet or it was not picked up, please contact the main office of the school or your child’s teacher to make arrangements to receive this packet.  

Parents/students who participate in the free and reduced lunch program should have received a phone call explaining to pick up the meals at the school between the hours of 9-11AM.  With families of multiple children, parents may pick up the meal at the closest school.  If you are unable to pick up these meals, please contact the main office to make other arrangements.  

Finally, the following are a list of student responsibilities that were reviewed with the staff on Monday.  Please review the following items with your child to ensure the continuation of   meaningful instruction.  

Student Expectations for Remote Learning Days 

  • In grades 2-12, students will be expected to log-in to their teacher’s Google Classroom or other communication platform to access assignments. 
  • All assignments will be posted by 8:15 a.m.  
  • Students without internet access or computers will need paper copies of the assignments. These assignments will be available in the main offices of each school or transported if necessary and should be comparable to online assignments.
  • Students who have internet access but not access to a device may be able to borrow a device by contacting the school.  
  • Students in Pre-K, K, 1st grade and some special needs students will be given alternate paper assignments applicable to their specific needs. 
  • Parents, please contact your child’s teacher or case manager if additional support is needed. If students are confused with any assignments, they can email the teacher for additional help and clarification.
  • Attendance during these remote learning days may be counted based on the completion of assignments at the end of the remote learning period and communication with teachers throughout the time away from school.
  • Students must check their Google classroom or other teacher communication each day.  Students with learning packets should email teachers to discuss progress.
  • Students will communicate with their teachers each day.
  • Students can submit assignments as they are completed to teachers via email, Google Drive or whichever submission procedure the assignment calls for. If they cannot be sent in remotely, they can be turned in through hard copies when we return to school.
  • All students are expected to complete the assignments independently putting forth their personal best effort.
  • Staff will be available 8:15 am to 12:15 pm via technology. This includes general education teachers, special education teachers, special area teachers, school counselors, school nurses, and  basic skills teachers.  This staff  will be available for students and families to contact virtually, as needed during this time.
  • Student needs related to established additional school supports (ELL, 504, IEP) will have their work modified based upon their needs. This may include additional time and resources for these students upon their return to school.
  • Students who are ill on a Remote Learning Day and Cannot Complete the Work

    Parents will be asked to notify the school nurse between the hours of 8:15 am to 12:15 pm if their child is sick. The nurse will track illnesses and record submitted medical documentation. Students will still be responsible for the assigned work, but will have additional day(s) to complete it. 
  • It is critical that parents/students communicate with teachers as each assignment is specific to that teacher and class.  
  • If parents/students are unable to contact the teacher, please contact the main office by phone to determine and resolve the problem.  

I want to thank our staff for their preparations to provide meaningful learning and skill development activities for our students and I also appreciate the cooperation that we receive from our parents and community. We will provide additional information in the form of a Question and Answer form at a later time.

Please take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting the virus and refer to the information provided by the Ocean County Board of Health and our webpage to keep informed on the coronavirus.  Take care and stay healthy and we all will get through this difficult time.  

David Trethaway
Superintendent of Schools