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It was a Sweet Valentine's Day at the 5th Annual RDS Cupcake Wars!

It was a Sweet Valentine's Day at the 5th Annual RDS Cupcake Wars!

Valentine's Day was extra sweet and super creative during the 5th Annual Cupcake Wars at Regional Day School! 


The Regional Day School students prepare for the competition with their teachers by planning, budgeting, shopping, prepping, baking and decorating each of their individual Pod's cupcake submissions.

A-Pod created a S'Mores cupcake display;
B-Pod created a Valentine's Flower cupcake bouquet; and
C-Pod created a Love Around the World cupcake heart.


Once the cupcake creations are on display, students, staff, and a panel of honorary judges consisting of district personnel, past personnel, and community members cast their votes.  The first round of judging was visual to determine the most creative cupcake display.  Then each judge samples the cupcakes to determine the best taste.  Finally, judges cast their votes for an overall winner. 


Congratulations to A-Pod's S'More's cupcake for winning Most Creative!

Congratulations to C-Pod's Love Around the World cupcake for winning Best Tasting!

Congratulation to B-Pod's Valentine's Flower Bouquet for winning Best Overall!