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Manchester Schools' Music Program Really Sings!

Manchester Schools' Music Program Really Sings!

In Mrs. O'Conner's general music class at Ridgeway Elementary School last week, Mrs. White's 4th-grade students could be found strumming on guitars. Our school district's music program allows students to be introduced to musical instruments hands-on right in their music class. They can then further explore them during special events, such as at Instrument Safari Night, before deciding on which event to play in the school band. This guitar lesson was the first for Mrs. White's class and by the end they were strumming, playing riffs and cords to popular tunes! 


Tonight, Manchester's 3-12 graders are invited to the Annual Instrument Safari! This special event is being held on Monday, May 22 from 5-7 PM at Manchester Township High School Manchester Township School District students going into 3-12th grade who are interested in playing an instrument. Come out to try out all of the instruments and see which you want to play in the school band! Families can gather information about the band programs offered in the district as well as information about acquiring/renting an instrument.