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Congratulations MTHS Class of 2022!

Congratulations MTHS Class of 2022!

Parents, friends and family members cheered as the Manchester Township High School Class of 2022 entered the school’s football stadium in two lines, boys in blue and girls in gold, at the school’s graduation ceremony on June 24. The MTHS band played Pomp and Circumstance as they entered. Many of the students had decorated their caps for the ceremony, displaying their creativity with artwork, flowers, photos and slogans.

Principal Dennis Adams opened the ceremony by introducing the school’s NJROTC Honor Guard, who presented the colors as Student Government Executive Board Vice President, Sarah Nguyen, led the flag salute. Then the MTHS Senior Choir sang the National Anthem. 

Sheridan gives the Welcome Address

Class President, Sheridan Martinez, welcomed the class and guests, saying, “We have prayed for this day to arrive. We have crossed days off our calendars, counted hours, minutes, seconds and now the day has finally come.” She encouraged her classmates to “shine bright and give those around you permission to do the same.”

Mr. Adams introduced students entering the military after graduation: Marine Corps - Matthew Donato, Vincent LeFurge, Jasmine Panora, Kevin Sakalauskas, Michael Villante; United States Navy - Madeline Betts, Jeremy Lewis, Justin Mayer, Christopher Rodriguez, Jakub Szczech; Army National Guard - Jordon Gamble.

Top 10 students - taken at graduation practice

He also introduced the top ten students of the Class of 2022 (pictured above) and announced the colleges they are attending: 

10) Isabell Cavallo - Rutgers/New Brunswick for Psychology
9) Hailey Sales - St. Peter’s University for Computer Science
8) Jenna Faccone - Ocean County College for Secondary Education
7) Jadyn White - taking a year to travel abroad and hopes to attend University of Vermont for Environmental Studies
6) Marley Petti - Albright College to major in BioChemistry (pre-med) with a minor in Gender Studies
5) Lyndsey Vigna - University of Miami for Computer Science
4) Brooke Kuhmichel - Clemson University for Engineering
3) Adrienne Biscardi - Ursinus College with a double major in Neuroscience (pe-med) and Spanish
2) Sarah Nguyen - College of NJ for Biology
1) Calvin Suoto - Rowan University with a major in Chemistry and minor in Biology

Sarah gives her salutatorian address

Salutatorian Sarah Nguyen told her classmates, “For over 2 years, we juggled high school from our bedrooms and, though it was not easy, we got to live out our senior year and have finally made it to this very moment. The memories we have created and the bonds that we have formed will continue to live on as we move onward in life. We made the best of the cards we were dealt and did not settle for what the world was trying to normalize. Our class, the class of 2022, is a legacy, and our perseverance as a class will continue to be remembered long after we receive our diplomas, and step off of this field one last time.”

Calvin gives the valedictorian address

Valedictorian Calvin Suoto thanked families, staff and administrators for their support. “Many of us wouldn’t be the same person we are today, let alone sitting here, if it weren’t for the extraordinary people working behind the scenes,” he remarked. Then he said he wanted to offer his classmates some advice. “Do not let anyone tell you what is and is not possible in life, that’s for you to determine yourself. Do not listen to the doubters and haters in life because you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Adversity may strike you at any point, but as cliche as it sounds, it's about how many times you get back up. Stand up, be strong and proud of who you have become. Wherever life may take you in the future, we all have so much room to grow, so much potential to show. High school was just another chapter of your story, and today is the last page of it. Once you leave here today, pick up the pen and continue to write the next chapter of your life.”

Class officers and advisors on stage at graduation

Mr. Adams introduced Class Officers Sheridan Martinez, Saivion Rodriguez, Brooke Kuhmichael, Wyatt Cervenak, and Meghan Doctor, and class advisors, Jennifer Bilodeau and Casey O’Connor. Ms. Bilodeau and Ms. Casey addressed the class, telling them how proud they are to have been a part of the Class of 2022’s high school journey. They closed with a message that has become a slogan for the class, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is always yours.” The officers presented the class gift, a greenhouse and a donation for the school’s Memorial Garden, to Superintendent of Schools, John Berenato.

Mr. Berenato addressed the class, remarking, “It should come as no surprise that our Class of 2022 has made such an incredible impact on their community. They have demonstrated their perseverance and their resilience in the face of countless obstacles throughout their high school career.”

Board of Education member, George Cervenak, also congratulated the class on their accomplishments and offered advice for the future. 

Mr. Adams addressed the graduates, “Here is what I want you to remember in your journey of life. It’s very simple but highly important …You matter.”

Gavin and Emily lead changing of the tassels

Vice Principal, Tracey Raimondo, read each graduate’s name as they approached the stage to receive their diplomas. Afterward, Student Government Executive Board Treasurer, Gavin Seward and Publicist, Emily Wang, led the graduates in the traditional changing of the tassels from left to right.

Adrienne makes closing remarks

Student Government Executive Board President, Adrienne Biscardi, made the closing remarks. “Don’t forget what brought you here and has you sitting in these seats - your hard work, your success and, most importantly, your determination to never give up on yourself or your bright future…I’m so proud of us all and what we have accomplished,” she told the class. “And never forget, once a Hawk, always a Hawk!”

The ceremony ended with the graduates tossing their caps into the air as Mr. Adams dismissed the class for the last time.

Students entering the military - photo taken at graduation practice

Students entering the military

SGA and Class Officers

SGA Board and Class Officers

Watch the full graduation ceremony here