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Middle School Students Shop, Prep, Cook & Serve a Thanksgiving Feast!

This week, the small group instructional classes at Manchester Township Middle School came together to prepare and enjoy a Thanksgiving Turkey Feast. In the MTMS Life Skills Class, students developed a feast menu, made a shopping list then took to the food store for the ingredients, bagged all items and managed the payment with the cashier directly.  They then returned to their classroom to organize their purchases and prepare their meal. 

feast 2

Ms. Strange and her Paraprofessional Ms. Maloney along with Mr. Foriep and Ms. Steinmore-Tordik's classes came together for the feast that their students created which consisted of turkey, homemade macaroni and cheese, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy, biscuits, ice cream and donated desserts. 


The students pushed together their desks and set a family-style table then the 8th graders served the meal that they all worked so hard to create.