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MTHS Earns the College Board's 2022 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

MTHS Earns the College Board's 2022 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

This week, Manchester Township High School learned that they have earned the College Board AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles for the second year in a row. Manchester Township High School is being honored with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for the outstanding work the high school is doing to engage more female students in computer science.


According to College Board, more than 1,100 institutions achieved either 50% or higher female representation in one of the two AP computer science courses or a percentage of the female computer science exam takers meeting or exceeding that of the school’s female population during the 2021-22 school year. In 2022, Manchester Township High School was one of 832 schools being recognized in the category of AP Computer Science Principles (CSP).

College Board's research shows that female students who take AP computer science are more likely to major in computer science in college compared with matched peers. Through Manchester's leadership in diversifying computer science education, the high school is preparing female students for the high-paying, in-demand jobs of the future and giving them the opportunity to help solve some of society's most challenging problems.

Manchester Township High School's AP Computer Science students Julianna Griffith, Nelia Pikor, Ella Rajcok and their 21-22 AP Computer Science Teacher Rachel Kelly excitedly came together today for a photo celebrating the achievement. Not pictured who were also a part of the program are Emily Fisher, Angelina Tayeb, Bailee Tupper, Hannah Repuyan, Shonnette Samuel, Adrienne Biscardi, Katie Roldan, Marley Petti, Brooke Kuhmichel, Hailey Sales, Jadyn White, Jenna Faccone, Kaila Rosario, Lyndsey Vigna, Princess Sison, Sarah Nguyen and Sarah Smith.