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Parents Join Students for an Excellent Playdate!

Parents Join Students for an Excellent Playdate!

Last week, Manchester Township School District's Universal Preschool parents visited Ridgeway Elementary School for an Excellent Playdate!


This event invites parents to engage in play with their kids in their preschool classroom, to engage with the school staff, and to meet other classroom parents. 


"Play dates are so important because children learn best when they are given a hands-on, exclusive experience. They learn well through play early on.  It helps with language development, fine motor skills, letters, numbers, colors, shapes and so much more" says Lori Burns, Director of Early Childhood Education for the Manchester Township School District.


The day started off with the students' typical Morning Meeting and showcased components of the school day as well as interest areas. The visit helped parents to experience their child's school day hands-on with them. It was a great time had by all.