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About the Counseling Department

Master's level clinician providing therapeutic supports and education to students in the counseling program. Counselor provides individual, group and crisis counseling as well as case management and referrals to resources. 

Phoebe Matthews Pennypacker

School Psychologist

Regional Day School Child Study Team and Anti-Bullying Specialist


Phone: 732-928-1500



Counseling includes social skills groups, small groups and individual counseling. We will focus on anger management, bullying, self esteem, relaxation, mindfulness, and overall social skills. I am sending home student information forms and releases so we can update our counseling records and contact you as needed. Please put all current contact information on this form. Watch for notices about our PARENT SUPPORT GROUP.  I have a Mental Health Resource Guide available in the main office, which is currently being updated.. Please let us know if you would like one sent home. 






We ended the school year with focus on MIndfulness as a form of stress management and to help regulate our emotions. Students created their own glitter Mindful Jars. They can shake it up and watch the glitter slowly settle as this helps them calm down.

ESY starts July 1 and runs through August 12.

Next week in Counseling Groups we will be focusing on the topic of Cooperation which is the word of the month for May. This basic skill is important for our students to learn so they can relate more effectively with their peers and the rest of the world.



Please join us for the next PARENT SUPPORT GROUP on Wednesday May 29 at 3:30. We will be reviewing this year and planning for net year.