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The Importance of Sleep - February 2020 Newsletter

Sleep is more important than you and many students might think. When you don't get enough sleep you can end up with a sleepy groggy feeling, and then you don't function at your best. You need sleep to function at your best for all of the activities that you might participate in, such as being with friends, sports, reading, homework, etc. Your body needs a break and sleep allows your body to rest up for the next day. Everything that is alive requires sleep to survive.

Your body needs sleep to function at its optimum. No one is really sure what your brain does when you sleep, but some scientists think the brain reviews and stores information, replaces brain chemicals and also solves problems while you're getting some shut eye. 

There are experts who say that the majority of kids need 10-11 hours sleep every night, but most kids between 5 and 12 years old get 9.5 hours a night. Sleep is an individual thing and there are some kids that require more sleep than others. (

NOTE: Texting at night was associated with poor sleep habits and daytime tiredness. Being consistent with sleep habits during the week and the weekend are important for daytime function as well as circadian rhythms. Also important is the parent and adolescent awareness regarding the negative effects of media use on sleep. Given our 24/7 society, it can be easy for parents and adolescents to not count the use of media prior to and at bedtime. It may not be easy but parents may need to negotiate with their child/adolescent to reduce media use 1 hour before bed and to also remove electronic devices from the bedroom to improve sleep duration and quality. (Journal of School Nursing 34(2), Optimal Sleep Habits in Adolescents by Carskadon,2013, p.86)


Nurses' PLC for February 2019 Stop The Bleed. This is good information for everyone.