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A Month Filled with Kindness & Luck

We are about to end our third marking period at the end of March!  We are so close to spring, and warmer weather, I just can't wait.  During the month of March, students celebrated the Read Across America Week, Kindness Matters, and St. Patrick's Day!  Here are some of the highlights from A-Pod speech room, and classroom speech groups around the school.

Read Across America Week 

Mr. Brown 2
Mr Brown 1












Students targeted speech-sound goals, and language goals using the Dr. Seuss book "Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?" 


Week of Kindness 

week of kindness

Classroom based activity during "Week of Kindness" used during classroom group speech-language sessions. 


St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick 1
St. Patrick 3












St. Patrick Activities that allowed students to reflect on what makes them lucky. 



This time of year is so busy, but so much fun!

But I am looking forward to the final marking period of the school year and some warmer weather, 

Ms. Lauren