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Fall Themed Stories

Hello RDS students, and families, 

This year, I plan on providing stories that relate to the season we are in.  The following are stories that are fall themed!!  Take a trip to your local library, or click on the links provided within the post to view the books.  I hope these are helpful if you are looking for additional speech-language activities to do at home.  


1.) When the Leaf Blew In, by Steve Metzger

A great story book about welcoming autumn and the change of season.  This book is great for vocabulary growth through labeling animals, and action verbs it also targets early inferencing skills, and learning about cause/effect.

2.) It's Pumpkin Time, by Zoe Hall 

This story is a favorite of mine, it's all about growing a pumpkin for a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern!  This book is helpful for labeling prepositions, vocabulary in regards to size, and early inferencing/predicting skills.

3.) The Little Shop of Monsters, by R.L. Stine 

A great story for Halloween!!  I like using this book to cue back-and-forth interactions between the reader and the student, to work on following directions, and to target answering questions.

4.) How to Catch a Turkey, by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton 

This is a fun Thanksgiving themed book!  This book is perfect for targeting characters' points of view, emotions/zones of regulation, settings within a school, and different action verbs.


Hope everyone enjoys these fall themed reads! 

Talk soon, 

Miss. Lauren K. MA CCC-SLP/SLS


how to catch a turkey