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Let's Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month (May), and Dysphagia Awareness Month (June)

Hello students and families,

I cannot believe we are only a few weeks away from the end of the school year.  I am so proud of my students both in person, and remote doing the best they can do!  It's time to celebrate the beginning of Summer 2021, and what better way to kick it off than with "Better Hearing and Speech Month" in May, and "Dysphagia Awareness Month'' in June. I've included some educational visuals below to educate important facts/tips about communication, feeding, and swallowing.



SLPs in your child's school.  Myself (Lauren), Regina, and Haley, are the SLPs at RDS!  Here are some ways we help your child everyday at our school. 

how we help


Here are some suggestions to assist your child with ASD communicate.  These strategies can be applied to multiple populations and communication disorders too!

ASD Support


Hearing health is very important for communication.  Here are some of the daily sounds we hear, and how they impact our hearing.





June is Dysphagia Awareness month.  Below we can learn more about pediatric dysphagia, and sensory feeding disorders. 


ped dysphagia


Pediatric dysphagia is DIFFERENT from a sensory feeding disorder.  Below are some ways we assist students with sensory feeding disorders through using a food hierarchy to introduce them to new foods.  Children with sensory feeding disorders are often referred to as "picky eaters". 


eating hieraachy


Overall here are some ways to support a person with dysphagia, or a sensory feeding disorder. 

my eating matters


Please if you have any questions about communication, feeding, or swallowing to contact us SLPs at RDS!

Hope you stay happy, and healthy!

Ms. Lauren, MA CCC-SLP/SLS