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Spring Themed Stories

Happy Spring Students and Families!

Here are my recommendations for Spring Themed stories you, and your child can read together to target speech-language skills. 

1.) Rain Song, by Lezlie Evans:  This my favorite to read during the rainy month of April.  This book targets verbs, prepositions, and clothing to wear during rain storms.  I also like to use sensory play while reading this book.  I use a fan for the wind, a drum for thunder, and bin full of water to splash within to practice the verbs used within the book.

2.) What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward:  This book targets the WH question "what", early prediction skills, and animals that hatch from eggs.  It is a perfect book to read during the springtime with all the life blooming around us!

3.) Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, by Kate Messner:  I love this book to target the sequencing of planting, learning about insects/animals, learning about plants/vegetables that grow in gardens, patience/waiting, locations outside, and seasons.  Spring is a great time to plant a garden.

I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather coming up! 

Ms. Lauren