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Special Olympics


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To Parents and Guardians,


Team sports bring people together.Special Olympics teams do that, too and much more. Special Olympics has tens of thousands events and competitions a year in places all around the world.  I have started Special Olympics here in the Manchester Schools having our students participate Basketball, Track and Field , Baseball and  Bowling.

    I am writing you this letter to survey your interest in allowing your child to participate in the Special Olympics with Area 6. These games are designed to encourage social and recreational opportunities for students. Accommodations are met based on the need of the athlete. Uniforms will also be provided. I’m excited for the Special Olympics and I am looking forward to working with you and coaching your child.  My goal for the season is for each athlete to have fun and the opportunity for socialization through athletic participation.

If you are interested in your child playing or have any questions please contact me at 732-928-1500 or through email at I am looking forward in sharing this wonderful experience.  



Traci Fuller