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The Manchester Township School District offers , a program giving parents the ability to manage their child’s meal plan over the internet.

This easy to use program requires a credit card for set up and to access all the features available to you-

  • An activity report showing exactly what your child is eating for breakfast and/or lunch for a 30 day period
  • Set up one account per family showing all children and track how much money is in each child’s account
  • Receive an email notification when your child’s balance reaches a pre-set amount

The major advantage of this program is the ability to now charge your child’s meals over the internet, at your convenience, on a secure site.

There is a minimum transaction amount of $30.00. Each credit card transaction will include a 5.75 percent service fee by

You may also make ACH (Electronic Checking) payments, making it even more convenient to pay for your child’s meals. And, ACH fees are a flat $1.25 per transaction (regardless of the amount of the transaction). This is significantly lower than the credit card internet Convenience Fee assessed when you charge your child’s meals.

Follow the link, or log onto directly, fill out the application and get started.

Please contact your child's school for their ID number.