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ESL Program

The Manchester Township Public Schools provide a wide variety of programs and services for our international students who are learning English as their second language. These supports are routinely monitored and evaluated to ensure that our students are receiving the greatest benefit possible.

The mission of the Manchester Public Schools ESL Program is to provide language instruction that will help our nonnative speakers of English to attain high levels of second language proficiency resulting in spoken fluency and accuracy in both social and academic settings. Linking English language instruction to content area studies, English Language Learners will empower themselves through critical thought, reflection, and action to become active participants in their school and local community.

Students will meet rigorous standards that will prepare them for success in content area studies, preparing them for college, the workplace and beyond. Above all, the Manchester Township Public Schools will strive to help each student develop a sense of dignity, self-worth, responsibility, respect for others, and the skills to make a significant contribution to our diverse society.

In addition, the department seeks to fulfill its mission throughout dedication to continuous improvement and professional development that promotes effective, research based second language methodologies.



Teaching Resources

Translation Tools for English Language Learners

Title III ESL PAC Meeting Presentations

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