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News Manager

Please Note: You do not post to your news feed or blog in Composer - you post in the News Manager module and it will automatically feed to your news or blog areas.

Sign in to the admin site and go to the MODULES menu on the left in Composer.


The short video below shows you how to create a news post.

You must select your specific school news feed or blog in the NEWS CATEGORIES section.

To use a single photo, under PICTURE, use the NEW FILE button. Any photo you place here will automatically become your thumbnail on the news list and will also automatically appear as a large photo when your article is opened.

When you SAVE, your post will be saved in draft mode in the News Manager. When you PUBLISH, your post will appear on your news or blog feed and an e-alert will automatically be sent to your subscribers. Please proofread carefully before publishing!

To see what your post looks like live on the website, go to your News or Blog page.

Create a News Post PDF

Add a News or Blog Post

You will need to sign in to your website admin account to view this video.