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Adobe Spark Videos and Graphics

Adobe Spark allows you to create social media graphics, photo collages, posters, flyers, and video slideshows. Go to

How to Log In

Click LOGIN at the top right, then login using the TEACHER OR STUDENT option to log in with your school account. Use your district email address to log in. Be sure to select ‘Company or School’ account.

Creating Content

Browse the templates or click the CREATE A PROJECT button to get started. Video help will appear the first time you use a feature.

Embed a Video in your Website Post

  1. First, get the embed code from your Spark video. Click SHARE above your finished video.
    screenshot of share and publish tools


  2. Click EMBED and then copy the code that appears.
    screenshot of embed tool


  3. Go to your Post and place your cursor where you want the video to appear. 
  4. Select the PASTE AS CODE tool and paste the code into the box that appears then click OKAY. (If you only see one row of tools, use the toggle arrow to show more tools.)
    screenshot of toolbar showing paste as code tool


  5. You will see a gray box appear - this is your video frame. The video itself will not show in the editor but will show in your published post.

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