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Creating Your About the Teacher Post

Teacher Board pages are designed with an ABOUT THE TEACHER section that appears as your landing page. The feed for this section only shows FEATURED posts that are tagged ABOUT THE TEACHER.

Your About the Teacher Page should contain your full name, grade and/or subject, and your school email address. Below that information, you may add any additional information you wish, including a photo.

To designate your post to appear in the About the Teacher area, please make your post FEATURED UNTIL (input a future date - I recommend 9/30/2019) and add the TAG About the Teacher. You may update this post at any time but DO NOT change the featured date or the tag.


Name (use Heading 2 format)


Room # (optional)

Email address (to create an email link, use the link tool and type 'mailto:' before inserting your email address, with no spaces used)

Add any additional information about you here, such as bio, room #, Twitter handle, Google email address, Remind information, etc.


Sort posts by category below.


Guidelines for posting accessible web content. Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

Learn how to create a link to a website or Google file and create an email link.

Have a dialogue with your students or parents by activating commenting on your post.