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Post Documents & Presentations

Post Documents, Presentations, Photos Using Google File Sharing

While you can upload documents to the website directly using the link icon (instructions below), we recommend you save your documents in a Google Drive folder and set the share settings to "anyone with the link can VIEW". 

Instructions for Google File Sharing 
(this is actually a link to a Google document so you can see what it looks like)

Link to a Single Document

To share a single document or presentation on the website, first copy the Shareable link within Google Drive (right click on the document name).

Next, in the post editor, type the name of the document (Term Paper Assignment) or something like "See Instructions" or "Download Flyer" and highlight the text. It is not a best practice to paste the actual link text.

Click the link icon  and paste the share link for that document in the URL box and save.

Link to a Folder

If you have several documents or presentations to share, you can share an entire Google file folder by right clicking on the folder itself and getting the shareable link. This way, whenever you delete or upload documents in the Google folder, your changes will be immediately live without having to edit the website. You could also share a folder of photos and/or videos this way. In Posts, you could use the External Link feature to make your post link directly to a Google folder.

Example of Google Folder link: Web Editor Help Documents

Please note the importance of naming your files appropriately if you use this method as your file names will be what users see in the document list.

Upload Directly to Your Post

To upload a single document or presentation file directly to your post, use the Resources Manager. See this post.




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