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Use Resources Manager to Upload Photos

Resources Manager is replacing File Manager for uploading images and documents. Although both modules are still available for your use, we recommend you switch to Resources now for all of your new uploads. File manager is no longer supported for use in Posts. You will see two browse options, one for File Manager and one for Resources - just select the one you want to use. Your existing files will still be accessible through File Manager.

Why use Resources?

  • Upload files from a variety of sources, including directly from your computer or webcam, import from Facebook or Instagram, or migrate existing files from File Manager.
  • The interface is much more visual. It shows thumbnails of your photos.
  • In the Resources Manager, you can edit a resource's properties (like filename) before and after saving without breaking site links.
  • You can move files between folders without breaking site links.
  • You can tag your photos to make them easier to find through filtering.
  • Alt Text will be added directly to the file so you don't have to add it each time you use the file. Please note that Alt Text is required or your photos will not show on the live site.
  • You can drag and drop files for upload or between folders in the module.
  • You can search your files.
  • Resources optimizes your photos for best size and load times.

Add Images Using Resources (print instructions)

Using the Resources Manager

Video - Add an Image Using Resources

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