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Access the Settings window by using the 'more' dropdown (...) next to the name of your board listing.

Change Your Board Name

If your name has changed, you may change it in this window but be sure to list your name in the format 'Last, First' so that it will appear properly in the Boards listing. Do not use Mrs., Mr., etc. here. If you have a club or team board you may update the name here.

Add Editors

If you would like to add additional editors for your board, you may do so under the PERMISSIONS tab. Editors must have a website account. You may give them full rights by selecting ADMIN or choose one of the other options to limit their rights. For instance, you may want to give your para or co-teacher View, Edit, Publish and Delete rights or you may want to give a student rights to View, Edit and Delete so that they can create a post but you will have to publish it.

Activate Subscriptions

Check the Enable Subscriptions box to allow users to subscribe for alerts from your board. An email alert will be sent to  your subscribers when you publish a new post. Alerts are only sent for new posts - no additional alerts are sent when you edit/update an already published post. Subscribers sign up for alerts by clicking the yellow alert icon on your post listing.


Please do not change the Default Page or Slug in the setting window. This will break the navigation to your page.

Sort posts by category below.


Guidelines for posting accessible web content. Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

Learn how to create a link to a website or Google file and create an email link.

Have a dialogue with your students or parents by activating commenting on your post.