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Welcome to the Ridgeway Library Media Center

Kelly Ramos, Library Media Specialist



Media Center


Answers to questions commonly asked by students and parents.

What is the book selection policy?

Students may check out 1 book per week.

What if I don't bring a book back?

You may not check out another book until the first one is returned.
Any book damaged or not returned must be paid for.

Can I renew a book?

Yes, you may keep a book for 2 weeks. We want you to finish reading a book.
You may also keep a book for a book report until the report is completed.

What happens if a book is damaged or lost?

Students in Ridgeway School learn responsibility by returning library books on time and in good condition.
Accidents happen. If a book has been damaged beyond simple repair, the book must be paid for.
If a book is lost, and we have made every attempt to locate it in the media center, it must also be paid for.