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WS ESP of the Year Susan Acquisto

Remarks by MTES Vice Principal Jill Moore (Acting Principal for WS Principal Evelyn Swift)

Humble: having or showing a modest of one's own importance. Each person I have spoken to states Mrs. Susan Acquisto is the exact definition of humble. She is accompanied here today by her husband Joe as well as many fellow colleagues. Throughout her twenty-seven years of experience working with special needs children she has gone above and beyond but unless you really know her or pay close attention, you would never know.

Sue began her career in the district at Whiting School in 1989. I was fortunate to work with her in those early years at both Whiting and MTES. Working with both Jackie Bauer and Chris Darcy, Sue has consistently been an asset to the classroom. She has helped to introduce our youngest special education students to school. Her assistance with academics as well as life skills has allowed our students to succeed.

I have secretly been told she is the potty training guru, researching methodology and finding specifically what will motivate each individual child. Cheerios, MnMs, train whistles, and Social Stories worked wonders. She is as excited by each students accomplishments as their parents are.

Never a complaint, whether it be lifting a student to help them go up and down a slide or pushing them tirelessly on a swing her goal has always been to make each child, no matter their disability, feel just like everyone else.

Mrs. Acquisto is dedicated to her students and the staff at Whiting Elementary. Not only is she always there for her students, Mrs. Acquisto takes the time to continue her education through attending various workshops. These workshops allow her to implement strategies and skills into her current position working with the self-contained class.

When walking the halls of Whiting, you always see Mrs. Acquisto in the mornings and the afternoons for bus duty. In the mornings she greets the children with a smile and in the afternoon, she walks the kindergarteners down the hall. As soon as buses unload and the students are in their classrooms, Mrs. Acquisto heads to the lunchroom to greet her students and walk them to class once they have their breakfast.

Watching Sue with the students is really amazing. Her peaceful words and ways are mirrored by students. This results in calm and respectful interactions. If Sue is walking the hall and notices a student's shoe is untied, she will ask the student if she can tie their shoe regardless of what class the student is in.

Mrs. Acquisto is willing to go above and beyond for Whiting helping to organize and volunteer for all the fundraising events in the school as well as acting as Union rep and attending all faculty meetings.

Mrs. Susan Acquisto is kind, caring, and compassionate towards everyone. Ms. Swift and I along with the entire Whiting staff would like to congratulations Susan Acquisto our Educational Service Professional of the Year Award, Whiting is proud of you!