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Whiting School Teacher of the Year Cori Ruiz

Remarks by MTES Vice Principal Jill Moore (Acting Principal for WS Principal Evelyn Swift)

We are delighted to be here tonight to honor Mrs. Cori Ruiz Manchester's own, a 2005 graduate from Manchester High School. She is accompanied tonight by her husband Nelsen, daughter Gabriella, and son Aiden as well as many supportive colleagues. Cori has been part of the Whiting Family for the last five years, first as a kindergarten long term substitute and now as a kindergarten teacher. During her tenure, she has proven to be an excellent teacher and a wonderful asset to the school.

It has been said, education is a lifelong journey, with this in mind it explains how Mrs. Ruiz is a reflective professional who is constantly refining her practices to best meet the needs of her students. Mrs. Ruiz continues to show her dedication to education through professional development and being an active participant in district-wide committees.

Even though times are hectic and personal lives can take over, Mrs. Ruiz continues to inspire and stay on top of her teaching. In my short time at Whiting School I have already noticed Mrs. Ruiz always wants to learn and become a better teacher. She is willing to sit down with her colleagues, building principal, and even her supervisor in order to make sure she is meeting the needs of the students in her class. One thing extremely special about Mrs. Ruiz, it is the way she fights for the best education for her students and involves the children's parents from the very beginning of this process. With each year under her belt, she feels more confident, more reflective, and more innovative.

Mrs. Ruiz has worked diligently to prepare and assist struggling learners and make learning fun and engaging through Summer Jumpstart and Winning Wildcats programs. Whiting School works to promote a positive school culture and climate through engaging activities. Cori is an active participant in school events and has led fundraisers.

Mrs. Ruiz has found her calling as a kindergarten teacher and is a respected staff member. She is in constant pursuit of opportunities to improve her craft and enrich learning for her students.

Mrs. Ruiz's passion for teaching continues to drive her to enhance and enrich herself as an educator. Ms. Swift and I along with the entire Whiting staff would like to congratulations Mrs. Ruiz on receiving the Governor's Educator of the Year Award, Whiting is proud of you!

Read Mrs. Ruiz's remarks here.