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Students will be given homework Monday through Thursday. I will be sending home homework packets on Mondays. Your child has until Friday to compete the packet. The homework will be a review of the lessons that your child did that day/week, so nothing is “new”. The children will put their homework assignments in their home & school folder. Children should be able to complete their homework with minimal help from you. If your child has a hard time completing the homework, please call me! If a homework assignment is missing or is not completed, your child must complete the missing homework during their free period and he/she will receive an incomplete grade. Homework is very important in reinforcing their lessons and transferring knowledge from school to home!

Tips to on how to help your child with homework:

Have a special place where they will do homework. This place should have little distractions.

Homework should be scheduled into your child’s life. Make up a schedule for the best time each day for homework.

Children should do homework on their own. Check for understanding and, if necessary, go over the directions together. If necessary, do the first problem or two together.

Motivate your children to do their best work. Praise, break up the assignment into smaller assignments if necessary.

Have the following supplies available:

Have 3 pencils Pencil sharpener Pack of crayons Markers Colored pencils Place to keep everything (pencil box)